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The Greatest Celebrations of Pakistan’s Independence Day, in Germany

Proud Pakistanis

Ideas Forum Pakistan invites you to the greatest celebrations of Pakistan’s Independence Day, going to be jointly organised by Pakistan German Press Club Frankfurt,Human Welfare Association e.V, ideas Forum Pakistan and Government of Pakistan on 16th of August, 2015 at Saalbau Bornheim, Frankfurt am Main. The slogan of the event is “I am Pakistan”.
On this exceptional day, the diplomats of more than 25 countries will attend the ceremony as the special guests of Pakistan’s Embassy… a true demonstration of Pakistani culture and products will be done through stalls within a particular bazar like setting there. Similar events will be held in Berlin and Hamburg one after the other. Pakistanis from across the Europe and, renowned anchors, scholars and the patriotic guests from Pakistan will participate in this unusual event. Thereby, to show solidarity with Pakistan, to present a soft and progressive image to international community on an international forum.
Moreover, Ideas Forum Pakistan has arranged an international conference on “Digital Democracy and Pakistan”, going to be held in Frankfurt. A number of German NGOs will attend this conference to share their knowledge and expertise regarding evolving, infusing, fostering and popularizing this modern concept in Pakistan. It is worth mentioning that the future vision of Ideas Forum Pakistan is to conduct an “Achievement award system” in Frankfurt. The outstanding engineers from Pakistani universities will compete against German university students—the inventors of new innovative technology products.
Dear countrymen, this lifetime opportunity is full of sensation and thrill in every way and in  every day in Europe. In this study cum exploratory trip, exclusively planned to those in the mother country, you attend World Expo in Milan, Italy, you participate in the greatest celebrations of Pakistan’s Independence Day in Germany, you become part of a twenty first century conference, you visit the Heidelberg University and you explore Europe, all within ten days of your trip. Ideas Forum Pakistan will facilitate this with the prime objective to broaden the visitor’s horizon; how developed countries do good governance, maintain best educational standards, consistently introduce ideas as bulwark of people’s rights and practice top economic policies, to achieve benchmark excellence?
In brief, Ideas Forum Pakistan is fighting the cause of Pakistan on the international fora: by uniting our community abroad; by presenting soft image of Pakistan; by embracing, advancing and advocating modern socio-political and economic concepts; by encouraging healthy competition among Pakistani-European university students hence, awarding the Pakistani talent; by persuading Pakistani universities to exhibit their human products in international arena for further personal development and elevated self-confidence; by facilitating the scholars to visit and study the Europe’s governance tools, solely, for the impeachable sovereignty and for better status of Pakistan in international polity




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